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Thanks for giving No Bugs LA the opportunity to earn your business! We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive and economical mosquito control options for you and your family. After reviewing our work and reading our customer reviews, give us a call today so that we can start creating your Bug Free Backyard!

Creating Your Bug Free Backyard

  • Mosquito & Spider Misting Systems – These are permanent installations that automatically mist a safe, water-based insecticide at preset times and via remote. Each mist creates a protective barrier to defend your family from hundreds of bugs.
  • Backyard Mosquito Treatments – Our routine treatment turns your whole property into a minefield! If a mosquito wants to ruin your evening, they better hope that you’re at your neighbors!

A mosquito misting system is a defensive fence with turrets.
Our Backyard Mosquito Treatment turns your whole property into a minefield!

Safe, Effective Mosquito & Spider Control

Our approach is to not only protect your family from the various bug-borne diseases, but also the potentially harmful use of insecticides! Everything that we use in our Mosquito Mist Systems and Backyard Mosquito Treatments are water-based insecticides that are safe for us and our pets. Because of the targeted pest (mosquitoes) and the application method (frequent applications vs. quarterly), we are able to use very small amounts of insecticides (that are already safe) to protect you and your family.

We want you to completely enjoy your life… free of mosquitoes and harmful chemicals!

Visit Insecticides: Mist Systems to learn more about the insecticides that we use and how all insecticides work.

Where Do We Work?

No Bugs LA is headquartered in Benton, Louisiana. We proudly service outdoor misting systems through out North Louisiana: from Texas to Mississippi and Arkansas.

Our Backyard Mosquito Treatments have proven to be the most economical and effective solution for lawn pest control. These treatments are specifically designed to target mosquitoes, but in reality, they kill virtually any bug in your yard! Our Backyard Mosquito Treatments are currently being offered in the Bossier City, Shreveport, Benton, Minden, Ruston, Natchitoches, and Alexandria markets.

Check out our Service Area map to see which mosquito control options we offer in your area!


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