Backyard Mosquito Treatments

Our Backyard Mosquito Treatment is commonly referred to as a mosquito barrier spray, mosquito fogger, and mosquito fogger system. No Bugs LA’s Backyard Mosquito Treatment consists of routine applications of safe, water based insecticides over the yard, trees, shrubs, fence, covered areas of outdoor spaces, and the sides of the house. This routine treatment is the most economically effective way to combat your mosquito, tick, and flea problem.

Having a special event and just need a one time treatment? We will gladly do that too!

  • Want a Bug Free Backyard? No Bugs LA Mosquito Control and Spider Control
    Want a Bug Free Backyard on a budget? Ask about our Backyard Mosquito Treatments!
  • Mosquito Barrier Fogger Treatments by No Bugs LA
    We treat your whole yard, soffit, and exterior of your home.
  • Mosquito Fogger Service by No Bugs LA
    Our Backyard Mosquito Treatment kills bugs at every stage of their development: from egg to nuisance adult!

Just like mosquito mist systems, the equipment used by all companies is basically the same… However, what makes our treatment more effective is…

  1. Our license — we are licensed to treat your yard, outdoor kitchens, patios, and any other structure. Most companies offering this service are only licensed to treat the yard and not allowed to treat structures. Why does this matter? Visit Insecticides: Mist Systems to find out how all insecticides work and why our ability to treat everything in your yard is so valuable.
  2. Our proprietary mixture of insecticides — our unique mixture attacks mosquitoes at every stage of their life cycle: from eggs to adults.
  3. Our experience — Since all we do is mosquito control, we have the right knowledge that allows us to effectively treat your property’s mosquito resting and breeding habitats.

No Bugs LA is 100% transparent with the customer and believes that an educated customer is a happy customer, we have provided more information on our Backyard Mosquito Treatment on the Insecticides: Mosquito Treatments page.

And remember, it is the insecticides used and areas treated that really differentiates and determines the effectiveness of a Backyard Mosquito Treatment program.

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