Cool Mist Systems

No Bugs LA cooling mist system to cool off a puppy

Man’s best friend deserves to beat the heat too!

The problem with living in Louisiana is that it is too hot during the day and there are too many biting bugs at night!

Luckily for you, No Bugs La can solve both problems! Through our partnership with Southern Cool Mist, we can now offer you a way to beat the heat and also naturally control flies and other flying insects with the efficient vaporization of water!

Natural, Chemical Free Fly Control

For obvious reasons, flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects really don’t like flying through water. By utilizing a cool mist curtain or cool mist fan, we can keep flies and other unwanted flying insects out of certain areas. Even though this won’t kill the flies, it will provide you or your pets with a fly free, insecticide free, and heat free zone!

  • No Bugs LA 100% organic fly control
    These prize show cows are enjoying the cooler temperatures and no flies!
  • No Bugs LA natural, chemical-free fly control
    Our water misting rings on existing box fans for fly control. (The fans are not on.)
  • No Bugs LA and Southern Cool Mist at the Ruston Peach Festival
    Even without shade, it is possible to cool off with our Cool Mist Fans!
  • No Bugs LA Southern Cool Mist water misting fans at ruston peach festival
    Yes! When it is hot outside, you can stand that close and still not get soaking wet!
  • No Bugs LA cool mist fan for dogs.
    Misting fan mounted to cool off the family pets!

Can One System Kill Bugs & Cool Us Down?

Unfortunately, there is not one misting system for both purposes. The fact is that your mosquito mist system is only pressurizing the insecticide to 200-230 psi and misting through about a .016″ orifice. Down here in the humid south, effectively misting water requires pressuring water to 800+ psi and misting it through a .006″ or .008″ orifice in order to actually cool you off without getting you wet or raising humidity.

With the use of our cool mist fans, we can actually cool you off about 30 degrees on a 95 degree day … without getting you wet or raising humidity!


To learn more about cool mist systems, renting or buying cool mist fans, or to schedule a free demonstration, please contact us now!


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