Fly & Wasp Control

Controlling flying insects is a hard fought battle. They can easily fly away from danger and stay out of contact with an insecticide. Our misting systems provide the most effective form of protection from flies, wasps, and midges. In case you’re wondering, a midge is the mosquito like bug that periodically invades your property on the lake. Thankfully, they do not bite… but they do completely cover your lawn and house!

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Natural, Chemical Free Fly Control

No Bugs LA 100% organic fly controlFor obvious reasons, flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects don’t like flying through water. By utilizing our cool mist curtain or cool misting fan, we can keep flies and other unwanted flying insects out of certain areas. Even though this won’t kill the flies, it will provide you or your pets with a fly free, insecticide free, and heat free zone!

Wasp Control

wasp and fly control misting systemSome of the biggest eye sores on a house are the persistent dirt dauber nests that stain the sides and soffits of your house. And then there is nothing worst than going out to sit on your patio and finding a red wasp nest above your grill. Until now, you’ve been completely out of luck.

No Bugs LA Fly & Wasp Control

If you also want to kill the flying pests, you can use the following two options. However, due to the nature of flies, complete fly control is virtually impossible… but we get close!

  • Mosquito & Spider Misting System: Flies and wasps are difficult to control due to their mobility and ability to avoid treated areas. Because they are difficult to control and we don’t want to give tips to our competitors, we can not go into too much detail on our website. Since most fly control situations are involving horses and other pets, please ensure that a water-based insecticide is being used! If you would not want to breathe petroleum distillates, your animals don’t either!
  • Backyard Mosquito Treatments: Yes, these treatments really do work on virtually every bug! Because of the proprietary insecticide mixture that we use, this service alone will significantly reduce the number of flies, wasps, and other bugs on your property. Just set up a free consultation and we’d be happy to explain why this service is so effective.

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