How Mosquito Misting Works

How Mosquito & Spider Systems Fight the Good Fight

Backyard Mosquito Control - misting system by No Bugs LaSince you probably don’t want a guy with a fly swatter hovering around your yard all the time, our mosquito misting system is there to do the job for you. Using an insect misting system designed and installed by No Bugs LA is the most effective method to combat the mosquitoes, spiders, and wasps that keep you from enjoying your backyard!

What makes mosquito and spider misting systems so effective is the way in which the appropriate insecticide is applied. Since misting systems automatically mist throughout the night, you constantly get a fresh dosage of insecticide that comes in contact with the targeted bugs. Because most misting concentrates are only active for a few hours, it is vital to mist when it is needed most. To learn more about the insecticides used by No Bugs LA and how they work, please visit Insecticides: Mist Systems.

How Mosquito Misting Works

The goal of a well designed mosquito misting system is to create a protection zone for your family. To effectively combat mosquitoes, you generally need two or more layers of mist… as I call them, defensive barriers! So, think of the nozzles as your own personal defensive turrets. Wherever they are, they’ll defend you. But if there is an area not protected, the whole defense fails.

Where there is mist, there will be dead bugs.
Where there is no mist, you are fair game!

In most situations, just having misting nozzles along your porch will not give you the results that you need. The reason being that the mosquitoes have to come all the way to your porch before they come in contact with the insecticide. When we design mist systems for mosquito control, we always look for areas to act as a first line of defense and the last line of defense. If your environment is bad enough, we sometimes need to add another defensive line.

Mosquito Misting System for backyard mosquito controlIn a typical backyard, you will normally find a wooden privacy fence, something in the yard (pool or play-set), and your back porch. In this example, we would install nozzles along your wooden fence as the first line of defense. For additional protection, we would also add some nozzles to your landscaping as a second line of defense. And, of course, the last line of defense would be the nozzles installed along the back of your house and porch. By installing nozzles around and throughout your yard, mosquitoes and other bugs have to pass through multiple defensive mist lines before they get to your back porch.

When looking into a mosquito misting system, keep in mind that the only area protected is the area being misted. While some insecticides can act like a repellent, mosquitoes and other bugs have to come in contact with the insecticide to actually die. So remember: where there is mist, there will be dead bugs. Where there is no mist, you are fair game!

Creating the Mist

Swimming Pool mosquito control by No Bugs La, Bossier City, LaAs stated on our Mosquito & Spider Misting Systems page, all misting systems have the same basic components with the only real difference being the timer mechanism. Our tankless and reservoir systems use a high pressure pump, 1/2 horsepower motor, pressure manifold, digital timer, and multifunction remote control. At predetermined times or via remote, the digital controls activate the motor and pump assembly. Insecticide is then pumped from the reservoir through the colored nylon tubing and out of the precision spray nozzles. The pressure manifold is then adjusted to 200-230 PSI to ensure that all nozzles are activated at the same time with the appropriate mist pattern. The resulting fine mist creates your ‘protection zone’ of defense against mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Rather than using an old analog timer with only one function, our misting systems are controlled by a digital timer with a remote control. Our digital timers are very easy to use, highly reliable, and include a backup battery in case of power failure. When using the remote control, you are able to initiate an unscheduled mist, turn the system on, and turn the system off. By using our remotes, you can control your misting system from your patio or inside.

What Misting System? They Work Great and Look Great!

  • No Bugs LA Mosquito Mist System for Outdoor Living Mosquito Control
  • No Bugs LA Mosquito Mist System for Outdoor Living Mosquito Control
  • No Bugs LA Mosquito Mist System for Outdoor Living Mosquito Control
  • No Bugs LA Mosquito Mist System for Outdoor Living Mosquito Control
Since all we do is misting systems and mosquito control, we’re experts at designing and installing misting systems with function and aesthetics in mind. In most circumstances, we are able to make the misting systems virtually invisible. If there is an area where the colored tubing will be exposed or there will an abnormality in the installation, we point that out during our initial consultation.

All of our misting nozzles feature anti drip assemblies to deliver the correct amount of concentrate without excessive dripping after the mist cycle. Our slimline and mini-slimline nozzles are so easy to conceal that we can hide them just about anywhere. There have been several installations where we had to point the nozzles out to the homeowner!

Shreveport/Bossier Landscape mosquito control by No Bugs LA

The landscape nozzles are slimline nozzles placed on top of a copper riser with orientations of either 45 or 90 degrees. The landscape nozzles are designed to blend in with your landscape fixtures, such as copper lamps or irrigation.

To see some of our installations, check out our Picture Gallery.

Advantages of a No Bugs LA Mosquito & Spider Misting System

In addition to being effective and unnoticeable, our mosquito misting systems are:

  • Safe for people, pets, and the environment – For more information about the misting concentrates we use, please see Insecticides: Mist Systems.
  • Affordable – At No Bugs LA we take pride in offering premium quality at a reasonable price. If you think mosquito systems are only for the wealthy, contact us today for your FREE ESTIMATE.


Remember that if a mosquito misting system doesn’t sound right for you, we also offer a mosquito control service utilizing our Backyard Mosquito Treatments

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