Insecticides: Mist Systems

Since insecticides can be just as dangerous as the bugs they are killing, No Bugs LA only uses approved, water-based insecticides in our mosquito and spider mist systems. And since most mosquito misting systems are made from the same components, it is the insecticide that you really want to know about.

How Insecticides Work

Before we get into the insecticides that we use. You first need to understand how all insecticides work. Whether it is general pest control or misting systems, conventional and natural insecticides only work if the bugs come in contact with them. And once a bug comes in contact with the insecticide, it doesn’t instantly drop dead!

No Bugs LA insecticides: pyrethrin production

About 70% of the world’s supply of pyrethrin comes from Kenya.

Most modern insecticides are derived from pyrethrins, which are processed from crushing the seeds of the Chrysanthemum plant. Pyrethrins are neurotoxins that affect the nervous systems of all bugs. Because pyrethrins are biodegradable and break down in sunlight, they are only fatal to insects for a few hours (at most). However, in a weaker concentration it acts as a repellent! So even though it is no longer killing the bugs, it still aids in keeping them away.

Although pyrethrin and its many man made derivatives, pyrethroids, are traced back to a flower; to claim that any pyrethrin or pyrethroid based insecticide is natural is 100% false. Currently, there is NO way to deliver pyrethrin or a derivative in an insecticide format without including an active synthetic synergist.

And since you are looking into a misting system, you do not want to use a product containing petroleum distillates. Even though they are more effective (obviously, petroleum will kill anything), those types of insecticides will kill plants, stain anything, and produce a foul odor. So be sure you know what is being used in your misting system!

If you’re looking for a 100% natural insecticide or mosquito repellent, you will be forced to use some type of plant oil. In most cases, natural oils cause asphyxiation by blocking the insect’s spiracles, the air holes through which they breathe. These products can also affect an insect’s metabolism or act as a poison.

While natural insecticides are effective at killing insects, there are many drawbacks to them. Most have strong odors and are actually harmful to many ornamental plants. Unfortunately, they also lack any type of residual effect. So if you want to use them, you have to apply them while you’re outside. For example, a citronella candle will effectively repel mosquitoes… but only if you stay in the candle’s smoke!

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What No Bugs LA Recommends

Even though we can get any misting concentrate you’d prefer, these are our favorites and most recommended:

SectorSector mosquito control - One insecticide recommended by No Bugs La: One of the most popular misting concentrates containing permethrin. It is a favorite for providing an effective knockdown for mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and spiders. It offers about 4 hours of residual protection with no foul odor.



RiptideRiptide Misting Concentrate - Mosquito control insecticide recommended by No Bugs La: Easily the most popular pyrethrin based misting concentrate, Riptide can handle some of the worst mosquito problems. Its superior flushing action combined with a rapid contact kill makes Riptide hard to beat. It is normally mixed with other pyrethroid based insecticides to effectively combat flies, spiders, and other larger insects.


Natural Mosquito Spider Control - natural misting product recommended by No Bugs La for use near lakes, ponds, rivers.Legally, conventional insecticides can not be used within a certain proximity to bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. For this reason, we offer a natural misting product, Naprovit Pro Plus from Natural Misting Solutions. This solution is made from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (basically soap), Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, and Water! It has been the most effective, green misting concentrate that we’ve used so far. Like most green insecticides, this solution is only effective as a contact kill. It will not flush or repel mosquitoes, spiders, and other bugs. For this reason, it is typically necessary to increase the number of mist cycles on your mosquito and spider mist system. For mosquito control, you will also have to mist while you are sitting outside.

Please visit Mosquito & Spider Misting Systems for more information about our mist systems and our Picture Gallery to see some in action!

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