Insecticides: Mosquito Treatments

Our Backyard Mosquito Treatment is one of the most effective and economical mosquito control programs available. Even though we are normally cheaper than all of the other guys, we actually use a more premium insecticide that delivers superior results.

A mosquito misting system is a defensive fence with turrets.
Our Backyard Mosquito Treatment turns your whole property into a minefield!

To learn how all insecticides work to kill bugs, please visit Insecticides: Mist Systems.

No Bugs LA Mosquito Barrier Spray backyard treatments

Want a Bug Free Backyard?

Because we are a local business and not a global franchise; everything we do and use is gained through experience and in the field product testing. For that reason, we can not post links and detailed information about the products that we use. For more information, please schedule an appointment to discuss our mixture further. We’ve spent a lot of research formulating the right mixture to protect your yard. And though we want you to know what we are using, we really don’t want our competition to know!

That being said, we’d be happy to discuss it further in person!

How our Treatments Work

  • The first step of our Backyard Mosquito Treatment is to kill any bug hiding in your yard! For that, we use a synergized pyrethroid to flush all of your backyard bugs out of their hiding spots and provide a rapid kill. Typically, it will kill most bugs in your yard in a matter of minutes. However, it will only be active for a few hours before breaking down.
  • After we kill the mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs already in your yard… we have to keep your yard protected. After reading university research papers, pest control companies’ testimonies, and real world experience; we’ve chosen to use a specialized insecticide that can withstand water, heat, and sunlight to provide long lasting residual protection. Essentially, it creates a force field around your property!
  • After we get all of your adult insects killed, we need to ensure that you don’t suffer retaliation from their kids, friends, and other family members. Schedule an appointment to find out how we do this! Hint: this third insecticide is what makes our Backyard Mosquito Treatment program so effective over time.
  • Since we are licensed to treat your house and everything else in your yard, there are no areas unprotected! Because all surfaces are treated, mosquitoes will die just by landing in your yard or trying to hide out under your back porch.

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