Mosquito and Spider Misting Systems

No Bugs LA mosquito control misting system

Mosquito misting systems are semi-permanent installations that form bug free zones around your home, yard, boat house, and anywhere else you’d like to experience outdoor bug free living! Besides making your outdoor space enjoyable, a mosquito and spider mist system’s most important purposes are to protect your family from

  1. The many viruses and diseases transmitted by nasty bugs, many of which are untreatable.
  2. Harmful insecticides containing petroleum distillates (which also leave a residue and foul odor).

While we feel that No Bugs La offers the best systems, the truth is… it isn’t necessarily the equipment that makes our systems better. Our mosquito misting systems are superior because we…

  1. Have the knowledge and experience required to design a system that will meet your needs.
  2. Are trained and knowledgeable about the various insecticides, and will determine which one will be most effective for you.
  3. Know how to effectively set the mist system timer to control your problem bugs. For example, setting your timer to take care of mosquitoes will not necessarily help with your spider problem. There are specific times that work best at controlling certain bugs.

What Makes a Mosquito Misting System?

All mosquito and spider mist systems consist of an insecticide reservoir, motor and pump assembly, timer, and series of strategically placed nozzles located under your eaves, along a fence, or throughout landscaping. At preset times or via remote, the nozzles will apply a fine “mist” of insecticide that will kill mosquitoes, spiders, flies, and almost any other bug it comes in contact with.mosquito misting system - photo of hte reservoir, motor, pump, timer, and remote

Our Manufacturers

Our black 55 gallon, 125 gallon, and 225 gallon reservoir systems are manufactured by Coastal Mosquito in Houston, Texas. Their systems feature digital timers that are accurate and simple to operate. How easy are they to operate? So easy that the instructions are on a note card! Who really wants a 20 page manual for a bug misting system?

Our wall mounted tankless units are manufactured by Bug Defense in Houston, Texas. Their tankless systems offer reliability and enhanced aesthetics due to the elimination of a large insecticide reservoir. The Bug Defense digital timer offers more flexibility in certain aspects when compared to the Coastal Mosquito timer.

  • Tankless Mosquito Mist System by No Bugs La 318-302-0333 - -
    No Bugs LA Tankless Mosquito Mist System mounted by pool equipment. Our Tankless System is the square box mounted on the wall (on the right).
  • 125 Gallon Spider Mist System by No Bugs La 318-302-0333 - -
    125 Gallon Spider Misting System located next to HVAC units.
  • 55 Gallon Mosquito Misting System by No Bugs La 318-302-0333 - -
    55 Gallon Mosquito Mist System installed by pool equipment.

What Nozzles?

Like all mosquito mist companies, we offer multiple nozzle options and a variety of colored tubing that blend seamlessly with your home. No Bugs LA offers slimline and the newer mini-slimline nozzles that are about the size of a pinky finger and virtually unnoticeable when installed correctly. We also offer the larger Hago style nozzles that are about the size of a thumb. But what really helps hide the nozzle installation is the installer’s experience and tubing color! We have access to a variety of tubing colors, but the basics are white, stucco, black, and grey.

Why would anyone choose a bulky Hago nozzle over a slimline nozzle? Unlike most companies out there, No Bugs LA is proud of the fact that we tell you the whole truth about mosquito mist systems! And since we offer reliable, quality mist systems, you can actually perform the routine maintenance yourself… and we’ll even show you how and where to order everything! For instance when the home owner is going to perform their own mist system maintenance, Hago nozzles are typically favored because they don’t clog as easily as slimline nozzles.

  • Mosquito Misting SlimLine Nozzles
    SlimLine Nozzle installed on a post-construction vinyl soffit.
  • Mosquito Misting Hago Nozzles
    Hago Misting Nozzle being used for fly control.
  • No Bugs LA landscape mosquito misting system mosquito control
    Landscape Nozzles being used to create an outer barrier.

Please visit How Mist Systems Work to learn more about mosquito mist systems functionality, and see Insecticides: Mist Systems to learn about the water based insecticides offered by No Bugs LA.

Want to see some of our installations? View our picture galleries!

Our well designed and effective Mosquito Misting System is the best home improvement that you can make!

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You can actually enjoy the outdoors with Insect Misting Systems that are safe, affordable, and very effective!

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