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If you’re enjoying a day relaxing on your patio or out at your camp, there is one sighting that can quickly make you go from relaxing to paranoid. No, it is not a Bigfoot sighting. It is the dreaded spider! Once a spider is spotted, you never truly relax because you are constantly paranoid that you’re going to find one crawling on you!

There are over 3,000 types of spiders found in the United States. Unfortunately, due to Louisiana’s climate, most of those spiders are found here.

Why are Spiders so Hard to Kill?

If you haven’t noticed, your general pest control treatment can easily control most bugs. Spiders, however, are a constant challenge. The good news, it isn’t your pest control company’s fault!

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Screen porches are nice for sitting inside. But what about keeping the spiders and other bugs off of the screens?

If you’ve read how insecticides work on our Insecticides: Misting Systems page, then you know that a pyrethrin or pyrethroid based insecticide will affect a bug’s nervous systems. After passing through the insecticide, most bugs will ‘clean’ their legs by wiping them on their exoskeleton or their mouth. This will cause the insecticide to be absorbed through their spiracles (air holes that they breathe through). Unfortunately, spiders are ‘dirty’ bugs! After passing through insecticide, they just keep creeping along. Because they do not clean their legs, the only way to kill a spider is for the insecticide to come in contact with its body.

The Best Spider Control

Because spider control is extremely difficult, it requires a 3-pronged approach.

  1. Routine General Pest Control Treatments: These treatments are highly concentrated and form lethal barriers around and in your home. They force the spiders into contact with insecticides by treating the cracks and crevices around and in your home. As a spider is trying to fit between these point, it should touch its body to the treated surface.
  2. Routine Backyard Mosquito Treatments: To aid general pest control in combating spiders and other bugs, our Treatments expand the treated area farther from your house. Because the spider will have to crawl through treated grass and landscaping to reach your home, their bodies should rub on something that has been treated in your yard. So, by the time the spider reaches your home, it is already dying.
  3. Spider Misting System: The third component of spider control is to control the ones that do make it into and on your home. Controlling spiders on your eaves without a Spider Misting System is an impossible task, because there is no way to force spiders into contact with an insecticide. Because we understand spiders, we can set your spider control system to mist when it will make the most impact. Simply having a misting system won’t do the trick; it has to be set properly and contain the right insecticide mixture.

Good spider control can be achieved by combining two out of the three methods. However, the best method is to implement all three. All of the above control solutions work well together because they utilize different application methods and insecticide concentrations.

To learn more about some of the spiders in Louisiana, check out Spiders of Louisiana.

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